Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are You "REALLY" prepared for Year-End?

Year-end is closer than you might think, and we would like to help you make a smooth transition by providing information that you can use now to resolve potential issues in the future.

If you process your Payroll through Timberline Office, visit our Year-End Resource Page for important year-end information regarding your Timberline Office software.

CPA Technology Newsletter- Fall/Winter

Read CPA Technology's 2009 Fall/Winter's Newsletter edition for some important updates, Timberline Year-End information and more…

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Helpful Hint for the Upcoming Holidays (I Sent a Holiday Card to....Oh Wait....Did I???)

(Q): Help! How can I use Accounts Payable to track which AP vendors we send holiday cards to each year?

(A): You can actually use Timberline Office to record and report on your company's sent holiday cards! Just follow the steps below to create a custom field that tracks which Accounts Payable vendors you sent holiday cards to:

1) From the File menu, select Company Settings > Custom Fields (for v 9.5.x and later) or Data Folder Settings > Custom Fields (for v 9.4.x and earlier).

2) In the Available Records list, select AP Vendor.

3) Click [Edit] and then click [Add].

4) In the Description box, type Sent Holiday Card.

5) In the Type section, select Check Box.

6) Click [OK] and then click [Close].

7) Click [OK] to close the window that appears.
Note: Upgrade your files to add this custom field to your other data folders. The next time you use the Upgrade Files tool in TS-Main (Tools > Upgrade Files), vendor custom fields from other data folders are added to the vendor custom fields on the folder you upgrade.

8.) In Accounts Payable, from the Setup menu, select Vendors.

9) Click [List], select a vendor, and then click [OK].

10) Press ENTER, and then select the Custom Fields tab.

11) You now have a check box that you can select to indicate that you sent this vendor a holiday card. You can use this field in reports and conditions.

12) Click [Save] and then click [Close].

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sage Timberline Office Users...Go Green! (& Save a Tree or Two!)

Looks like everyone and everything is "going green" nowadays and has quickly become the "hot, cool trend." Is your business concentrating on becoming more environmentally friendly?

On top of adopting the standard "green" practices such as recycling office supplies, replacing company cars with hybrids or installing solar panels into your commercial space, have you thought of other ways, specifically in the software you use on a daily basis or through your network infrastructure? Going green cannot only preserve our world's natural resources, but it can also save your business money.

In an effort to save a few more trees (and a few more bucks), here are a few tips for you Timberline Office users to reduce the amount of paper when printing from STO:

  • Print preview your reports to verify the information is correct before you print to paper

  • Save and file electronic copies instead of paper copies. Print your reports to a .prn or .pdf and save them to a designated location on your computer's hard drive disk or on your network.

  • Set your printing defaults to print to file.

  • Use selection criteria to limit the number of pages that print for the report.

  • Send copies of reports by e-mail instead of printing paper copies and handing them out.

To jump on the "green" bandwagon, I'm going to conclude by stating "please consider the planet before printing this page." Pass it on via email - you'll help save a tree, reduce desk clutter and save your friends and co-workers from adding to the avalanche of "needless paper." :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have you been thinking lately about adding Timberline users or modules?

For a limited time only, Sage is running a special summer promo for the following purchases...

- Purchase one additional module or use and get 10% off
- Purchase two additional modules or uses and get 15% off
- Purchase three or more additional modules or uses and get 20% off

Give CPA Technology a call soon, (610) 862-1998... this special only runs from June 3 - July 31st!

Friday, May 8, 2009

CPA Technology's Spring/Summer 2009 News!

Read the latest from CPA Technology...leading provider of business software solutions for the Construction and Real Estate industries in the Philadelphia Metro Region since 1971!

Read "The Net" - Spring/Summer 09, Volume I

Recovery Act (ARRA) = More Opportunities for Public Sector Contractors

Is your company pursuing stimulus-related contract opportunities?  Competition is intense for government contractors angling for months of work; one factor is from overcapacity in the market.  Theres more ability and equipment to do the work than there are jobs.   The good news is there are plenty of new contract opportunities available through the Recovery Act (ARRA) signed by President Obama in February.  With the current state of the economy, it won't be unusual to be up against 30-40 contractors for each ARRA project.  Experienced govt. contractors will achieve the most success, however, the more "unfortunate" can still claim a piece of the pie by taking on subcontract work.  Why, you ask?  Well, getting your foot in the door is sometimes the hardest part in landing a govt. contract.  Subcontract work will give you more experience in the meantime benefitting you in the future when competing for prime contracts in the future.

First and foremost, to be prepared to meet the challenges of more competitive bids, it's imperative for your business to have practices put in place for organization and to satisfy govt. regs and to be able to perform work at a low cost.


1) Does your business use construction-specific accounting software?

2) Do you presently utilize integrated construction-specific estimating software for competitive bidding? (since we all know timing is priceless when it comes to the bidding process!)  You should have tools which are capable of automating the take-off process and that can provide the analysis to help ensure your business that their bids are exactly where they need to be.

3) Does your payroll system ensure compliance with Prevailing Wage, Payroll and HR regs?

If you answered YES to these questions, how has your software sytem been advantageous to your business when it comes to the bidding process?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, and your goal is winning more jobs, contact CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998.  You can also visit our website at

Friday, April 24, 2009

How much of an expert are you REALLY at Crystal Reports??

You will be after you spend a couple days with us!  If you are a user of Crystal Reports in Timberline, you may want to take advantage of this!  Two action-packed! class days at our Timberline Authorized Training Center in Conshohocken (CPA Technology).  A full day of Crystal Basics will be covered on Day 1 ( for you beginners!) and the 2nd day will cover a more specialized area of Crystal (Service Mgmt, Project Mgmt, Billing Invoices, Purchasing/Inventory).  Registrants can take one OR both days.  Register here!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hello, we've finally joined the blogging world!

Please feel free to post to your heart's content. If you're a Sage Timberline, Master Builder or MAS 90/200 user, share your ideas or experiences on this page! If you're interested in these powerful accounting software packages (or even if you already know who we are!!!), join us on LinkedIn to learn more or visit our website at!

And if you already know us...hopefully we'll see you at one of our upcoming Breakfast Meetings :)

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