Friday, July 29, 2011

Look out for Sage MAS 90/200's new version (4.5) coming soon!

Sage MAS 90/200 version 4.5, featuring new customer-requested enhancements (across Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and Sales Order) is scheduled to be released in Q4 2011. Customers upgrading to 4.5 will be eligible to receive a FREE SageCRM user License and a FREE Sage CRM Service License and installed base Sage MAS 90/200 customers will have the option to move to Sage MAS 200 SQL with the release of v4.5.

So why should you upgrade? Listed below are the new features and functionalities that version 4.5 has to offer:

  • National Accounts Management 
  • Additional Payroll Deduction Calculation Methods 
  • Deduction Recalculation in Payroll Entry 
  • Deduction Calculation Based on Earnings Type 
  • Payroll Data Entry Importing 
  • Enhanced Benefit Accrual 
  • Automatically Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders 
  • Price Level By Customer and Product Line 
  • Pricing Flexibility for Total Item Quantities 
  • Item Pricing By Total Quantity 
  • Distribute By Lot and Serial Number 
  • Maintain Split Commissions by Customer 
  • Commission Rate Table by Salesperson, Customer & Item 
  • Enhanced Sale Order Integration with Job Cost 
Sage ERP MAS Intelligence will be enhanced in v4.5 to include Reporting Tree capabilities, additional sample reports, and compatibility with the Sage ERP MAS 200 SQL product. FAS Fixed Asset Accounting will also be compatible with v4.5 Sage MAS 200 SQL.

No need to fret. All (36) enhancements that have been provided through Product Updates for v4.4 will be included in the 4.5 release, as well.

Contact CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998 for more details.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time is Money!

We all know the phrase “Time is money,” but have you ever stopped to figure out how much it costs when a job runs late?  Say a $1 million project is scheduled to last 40 days. That’s $25,000 per day. If the project runs 10% over (that’s just four extra days!), it will cost an additional $100,000 (four days times $25,000 per day). On most jobs, that would represent the job’s entire profit! In addition, there’s also the opportunity cost—what is lost from not working on other projects because of working on this one.

Increasing efficiency and accuracy and eliminating redundancy is part of what's required to deliver quality work on time and within budget. The backbone to a successful construction/contracting company is a strong, robust software package that can handle all of the business operations: accounting, estimating, project management and service.

Saving time means saving money. Save time and resources by adding more licenses or more tools (modules) which allow for more workstations be put to use and an increase in productivity. Now between September 30, 2011, current Sage CRE customers can take advantage of a deal where the more they buy, the more they save. Not only on their wallets but in time in managing projects.

Purchase (2) add-on/add-uses --> Receive a 10% discount
Purchase (3) add-on/add-uses --> Receive a 15% discount
Purchase (4) or more add-on/add-uses --> Receive a 20% discount

Sage is also extending a special offer to NEW Sage CRE customers with 0% financing now through September 23, 2011. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sage Timberline Office Receives Top Honor

With the past recession, it’s no secret that it put a hurting on the construction industry. Construction companies and contractors are looking at ways to improve efficiency, maximize profits and win more bids in order to stay alive - one of these ways is looking for a more powerful and capable software package to handle their accounting and operations. The CPA Practice Advisor has completed a review of several Construction and Accounting systems out on the market to aid construction and contracting businesses in their selection process.

In their 2011 review, the products varied widely, from out-of-the box entry-level construction products to top-line, comprehensive construction and contractor products that offer everything from in-depth financial capability to the ability to access the system from anywhere, to color-coded service boards that track service calls and technicians in the field.  This year, the CPA Practice Advisor has ranked Sage Timberline Office with five stars based on the criteria below: 
  • Basic System Functions (ease of use, customization capability, multi-location/remote access capability and supported platforms)
  • Core Accounting Capabilities (focusing on the four main core modules – GL, AP, AR and PR, the availability of additional accounting modules and audit trail functionality and user security)
  • Construction/Contractor-specific Features (availability of tools – estimating, project management, inventory and purchasing, etc. and contractor-specific features such as dispatch & scheduling, equipment management and integration with GPS devices)
  • Reporting & Management Tools (reporting options, alerts and dashboards, Document Management integration and employee/contractor time-tracking)
  • Integration/Import/Export (ability to import/export data from other applications, add-on module availability, integration with industry necessities such as estimating tools)
  • Help/Support (available Help options, accessibility of system updates, training/support options) 
You can find more on CPA Practice Advisor’s review on Sage Timberline Office here.