Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beyond the Horizon: Sage Timberline Office Version 9.8 Release

Sage is gearing up for Timberline Office’s latest release, Version 9.8, which will feature several enhancements and performance improvements across the board to make the job of running your business easier.

The improvement of speed in starting up applications and tasks in v9.8 will save you hours in a week so you can spend your time more efficiently. Field reporting in Project Management, security improvement, along with workstation installation enhancements are other features to look forward to in the new release, scheduled for launch early fall of 2011.

Two major challenges of a majority of Timberline office users will be addressed: managing your workforce and credit card payment management. Reduce the time spent managing your employees and avoid costly claims and other employee related liabilities with proper HR documentation. With over 70 customizable forms, you can now easily hire, probate or terminate employees by automatically pre-filling these forms with information from your Timberline Payroll application. Better credit card management capabilities will now benefit businesses using corporate credit cards. You will be able to enter and distribute credit card receipts, reconcile credit card statements and create statement invoices in AP.
Look for more enhancements coming in 2012. Sage is looking to extend credit card management into broader electronic payment processing in Timberline Office. Continued enhancements in Accounting and Property Management, and improvement in business intelligence and forecasting tools are in the works as well.

[Download Timberline Office v9.8 Enhancements Brochure]
[Download Timberline Office v9.8 HR Documentation Manager Brochure]

Customers who are currently on a Sage Business Care software assurance plan will receive this release as part of their plan. For more information on Timberline Office v9.8, contact CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998 and speak to one of our Certified Timberline consultants.