Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are You "REALLY" prepared for Year-End?

Year-end is closer than you might think, and we would like to help you make a smooth transition by providing information that you can use now to resolve potential issues in the future.

If you process your Payroll through Timberline Office, visit our Year-End Resource Page for important year-end information regarding your Timberline Office software.

CPA Technology Newsletter- Fall/Winter

Read CPA Technology's 2009 Fall/Winter's Newsletter edition for some important updates, Timberline Year-End information and more…

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Helpful Hint for the Upcoming Holidays (I Sent a Holiday Card to....Oh Wait....Did I???)

(Q): Help! How can I use Accounts Payable to track which AP vendors we send holiday cards to each year?

(A): You can actually use Timberline Office to record and report on your company's sent holiday cards! Just follow the steps below to create a custom field that tracks which Accounts Payable vendors you sent holiday cards to:

1) From the File menu, select Company Settings > Custom Fields (for v 9.5.x and later) or Data Folder Settings > Custom Fields (for v 9.4.x and earlier).

2) In the Available Records list, select AP Vendor.

3) Click [Edit] and then click [Add].

4) In the Description box, type Sent Holiday Card.

5) In the Type section, select Check Box.

6) Click [OK] and then click [Close].

7) Click [OK] to close the window that appears.
Note: Upgrade your files to add this custom field to your other data folders. The next time you use the Upgrade Files tool in TS-Main (Tools > Upgrade Files), vendor custom fields from other data folders are added to the vendor custom fields on the folder you upgrade.

8.) In Accounts Payable, from the Setup menu, select Vendors.

9) Click [List], select a vendor, and then click [OK].

10) Press ENTER, and then select the Custom Fields tab.

11) You now have a check box that you can select to indicate that you sent this vendor a holiday card. You can use this field in reports and conditions.

12) Click [Save] and then click [Close].