Monday, August 3, 2009

Sage Timberline Office Users...Go Green! (& Save a Tree or Two!)

Looks like everyone and everything is "going green" nowadays and has quickly become the "hot, cool trend." Is your business concentrating on becoming more environmentally friendly?

On top of adopting the standard "green" practices such as recycling office supplies, replacing company cars with hybrids or installing solar panels into your commercial space, have you thought of other ways, specifically in the software you use on a daily basis or through your network infrastructure? Going green cannot only preserve our world's natural resources, but it can also save your business money.

In an effort to save a few more trees (and a few more bucks), here are a few tips for you Timberline Office users to reduce the amount of paper when printing from STO:

  • Print preview your reports to verify the information is correct before you print to paper

  • Save and file electronic copies instead of paper copies. Print your reports to a .prn or .pdf and save them to a designated location on your computer's hard drive disk or on your network.

  • Set your printing defaults to print to file.

  • Use selection criteria to limit the number of pages that print for the report.

  • Send copies of reports by e-mail instead of printing paper copies and handing them out.

To jump on the "green" bandwagon, I'm going to conclude by stating "please consider the planet before printing this page." Pass it on via email - you'll help save a tree, reduce desk clutter and save your friends and co-workers from adding to the avalanche of "needless paper." :)