Friday, September 7, 2012

The Release of Sage Timberline Office 2013

The upcoming scheduled 2013 update for Sage Timberline Office is the first of several sweeping changes coming your way for the remainder of 2012.  It is evident that Sage is resolute to "making a grand entrance" with the upcoming release in concurrence with its official name change to Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate.  This release promises to be chock-full of useful enhancements, many of which assures to improve the user experience.

Along with a user interface uplift with screen-size enlargement and increased spacing, Sage has boosted Tasks and Reports performance with improved task start-up and better reporting speed for selected reports.  More featured enhancements include the ability to generate Accounts Payable electronic payments with Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Processing and keeping inactive AP vendors from showing up on drop-down lists and selected reports with a simple checkbox.  Other highlights underway include:

  • Outlook integration supporting the ability to "drag-and-drop" emails/attachments within Sage Timberline Office
  • Inquiry View Export to Excel
  • Bing map integration
  • "Direct Write" integration to Accounts Payable and Job Cost (replacing the previous Import routine)
  • Electronic updates to Government Forms and integrated eFile services (via the Aatrix eFile Center)
  • Added capabilities to allow for more proactive ways of managing subcontractor certification and compliance
  • ...and more!