Friday, April 20, 2012

Protect Your Most Valuable Investment....Your Business

With a broad reliance on the Internet for today's businesses, harmful events such as network attacks, data breaches and other malicious threats require companies to adopt proactive security systems and processes. Information security threats range from inquisitive prowlers to technologically sophisticated hackers with insider information. It is essential that organizations implement an information technology security and backup solution plan in order to maintain and improve their exposure.

 As a Preferred Certified Partner of Barracuda Network’s award-winning security, networking and storage solutions, CPA Technology’s experienced IT experts can plan and implement a custom-designed Security Architecture Plan for your network.

Whatever the security issue, you need to be protected. It's no longer a matter of preference, it is a matter of survival.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MyAssistant for Timberline Office Releases Its Latest Version

Sage has announced the release of the latest version of MyAssistant (9.8.1) for Timberline Office. Compatible with Timberline Office versions 9.7 & 9.8, the latest release features many enhancements and new features:

- Enhanced performance in Running Tasks and Viewing Notifications
- From the Notification Viewer, the ability to export Sage Timberline Office data to Excel
- A new Reminder feature that tells MyAssistant to remind you of a particular Notification in "X" days
- A new All Notifications button in the Notification Quickviewer that allows you to see all notifications
- A new Insert Picture feature that allows you to include your logo or other images in MyAssistant email messages
- A new option to freeze columns to the right or left has been added to the Notification Viewer
- When you run a Task from the MyAssistant Tile, the Notification Viewer opens automatically displaying the newly generated notifications.

As far as the release schedule is concerned, new customers who purchased MyAssistant as of December 16 should receive the release this week and all existing MyAssistant customers will receive the release in late April. Give CPA Technology a call at (610) 862-1998 for more information.