Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attention: Tenant Pro users, tell us what you think.

RealPage Acquires Domin-8, the corporate parent of Tenant Pro, on February 16, 2010
Well it has been five months since Domin-8, the corporate parent of Tenant Pro was bought out by RealPage, Inc. CPA Technology, LLC a leading Tenant Pro consulting firm, located near Philadelphia, is interested in hearing about your current experiences with Tenant Pro software since the big acquisition. Let us know what you think, good or bad so we can let RealPage know how they are doing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So, what's this "Sage Timberline Enterprise" that everyone keeps talking about?

Get ready for Sage Software's newest CRE robust business management solution coming later this year (currently in its beta-testing stage and planned for a general Fall 2010 release).  Designed to meet the unique business needs for service and/or specialty contractors and general contractors who self-perform work, Sage Timberline Enterprise (STE) is developed with tighter integration between Service Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Estimating and Accounting for maximum productivity, greater visibility and reducing unnecessary data input.  Sage's development roadmap for STE includes a second release (time TBD) developed more for the general contractor market.

Built on a high performance and secure Microsoft SQL platform, dispatchers can check inventory and order parts from their dispatch board.  Project managers can see responses to RFIs, transmittals and submittals. Accounting staff can set up jobs simply by selecting from a list of estimates.  Some of the many other features include:
  • Robust API functionality for heightened adaptability
  • Industry-leading Estimating solutions helping to improve the estimating process for more accurate and profitable estimates and bids
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use Workspaces that provide interactive inquiries
  • Full integration between Purchasing, Inventory, Service Management, and accounting applications eliminating the need to enter information more than once
  • An optional Service Management application centering around a new state-of-the-art Dispatch Board
  • An open design providing integration with a variety of third-party applications (remote/mobile solutions, alert & notifications software, MICR check printing software and more!
Current Timberline Office and Master Builder customers who decide to migrate to STE receive an “In The Family” discount. On top of that customers will be eligible for an “Early Bird” discount if they purchase Sage Timberline Enterprise by September 30, 2010.

For a more in-depth look at this new solution from Sage, call CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998. We also have an upcoming Breakfast Meeting previewing Sage Timberline Enterprise on August 17th, 2010.  Call us for more details!

Sage Timberline Enterprise Overview Brochure: Find it here!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you still on an older version of Tenant Pro (6 and below?)

Why Should I Upgrade?  Upgrading will give you the enhanced power of Tenant Pro 7, which is simpler to use and has better performance.  Version 7 is built on a much more stable database, empowering you to do more in less time. Not to mention that support from Domin-8 (Tenant Pro provider) for earlier versions have pretty much become obsolete as their customer support has been focused on the latest Tenant Pro products and services.  Further enhance your Tenant Pro 7 property management and functionalities with one or more of the many integrated add-ons available such as Crystal Reports, Background Screening and Checks and Forms (just to name a few)! With over 35 customer-requested features and enhancements, I've compiled a list on the Top 7 reasons to upgrade to Tenant Pro 7:

  1. Integration with Word, Excel and Outlook
  2. No Year-End close - 7 allows you to print financials at any time.
  3. New Wizards - Move-in, Move-out and Tenant Payment wizards guide you effortlessly through each step
  4. Batch Tenant Payment System - Instead of tediously recording each check individually in the Tenant Payments window, you can enter them all at once, creating the deposit as you go.
  5. Tenant Statements include data range - Now you're able to bill your tenants for individual charges by entering a specific date range
  6. Create tenant charges from Work Order window - Once a work order is completed, a corresponding vendor bill and/or tenant charge is created by the click of a few buttons.
  7. Easier-to-use interface - Now built on a Microsoft .Net platform, it functions more like the programs you use everyday, making for easier navigating
** Tip ** - It is highly recommended that users download the latest Service Release for your version of Tenant Pro to benefit from the most current features and functions of the software.

Need assistance with your upgrade and data migration?  Call CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998 - we are the premier Tenant Pro consulting service with Certified Consultants in the Delaware Valley and surrounding areas.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Streamline the process of installing Accounting and Management updates using Sage Installation Manager!

When I receive an update for my Sage Timberline Office Accounting and Management products, I have to walk around my office and each workstation individually. Is there an easier way to install these updates?

Sage Installation Manager (SIM) enables you to install software updates on multiple workstations from your Sage Timberline Office Accounting server. SIM is installed on your server and workstations when you install 9.7 Accounting and Management Products. Set up and begin using SIM after upgrading to 9.7 to streamline your next software update!

You can use Sage Installation Manager to:

  • Check regularly for Sage Timberline Office updates.
  • Notify you and members of your staff when a new update is available.
  • Broadcast a scheduled installation time and ask your staff to close Sage Timberline Office applications on their workstations before they leave for the day.
  • Download new updates automatically or manually to your server.
  • Install updates on your Accounting server and Accounting and Management workstations.

For more information on setting up the Sage Installation Manager in 9.7 and later, refer to the InstallationGuide.pdf file located at Help>Documents from a Sage Timberline Office application or Tasks>Sage Timberline Office>Sage Timberline Office Documents from the Sage Desktop.