Friday, November 18, 2011

Sage MAS 90 Reaches the Cloud

Keep your eye in the sky because Sage ERP MAS 90 Online is currently scheduled to be released the fourth week of November. This release will provide small businesses the ability to get up and running quickly while still getting many of the known strengths of the on-premise Sage MAS 90/200 product line. Can you use your existing customized reports or create new reports within Sage ERP MAS 90 Online? Certainly. Your customized reports are supported within the Sage ERP MAS 90 Online environment.

Included is a powerful suite of modules ranging from financial and accounting, business intelligence, reporting, and operations, to distribution and light assembly. With the benefits of the cloud, this solution is ideal for an organization with a workforce spread across multiple locations, enabling mobile flexibility, and the ability to centralize key functions like accounting and operations on a standardized back-office solution. Your Sage MAS 90 Online system and corporate data are kept secure with hosting and management in an extremely secure data center with high levels of redundancy, backup, and monitoring.

Sage MAS 90 Online enables you to get your system up and running quickly with affordable monthly payments for the system which includes backup services, access to the Knowledgebase, and basic support. Call CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998 for more details.