Friday, April 30, 2010

SAGE's MAS 90/200 4.X Road Map

Sage Software's MAS 90/200 ERP new roadmap for the future started with the introduction of version 4.0. The roadmap continues with the newly release version 4.4 and its first accompanying product update. In short version 4.x along with the product updates that will be released about 1 per quarter is the biggest set of new feature enhancements that I have seen in MAS 90/200 since 1998.

Spring 2010 Timberline 9.7 Enhancements Released!

The more efficiently your business management system allows your team to locate and act upon key information, the faster and easier they can do their jobs. That’s why we’ve enhanced Sage Timberline Office to provide everyone on your team with a wide range of automation, workflow and process improvements to make it easier to get more done in less time, including:

1. Simplified reporting and data analysis with new tools that are familiar and easy to use.
2. A higher degree of work process automation so your team  has the freedom to focus on other tasks
3. Easier ways to share documents and manage internal approval processes making your entire team (and business) more efficient.
Features Include:

  • Simplified Installation
  • Document Management Rules-based Routing
  • Technology Updates
  • More Comprehensive Tax Filing Capabilities & Improved Payroll Management
  • BIM–Estimating Quantity Takeoff Integration
  • Advanced Assembly Databases
  • Excel-based Reporting—Office Connector Starter for Sage
For a demo, call CPA Technology at (610) 862-1998.
Timberline 9.7 Enhancement Brochure: Download PDF